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Survival(Flight 29 Down 7)

Back in the real world, Abby was passive and mellow, but the need to survive changes people. While Daley and the others are safe at the campsite, Abby is roughing it in the jungle�no more yoga for this girl. When Abby returns to camp for a second time and challenges everything they have built, Daley expects the group to cling to the status quo�but she couldn�t be more wron

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Crash(Stay Alive 1)

Stranded in the middle of nowhere, you have to fight to survive!When the members of Junior Action News Team crash land in the Alaskan backwoods, one thing is clear: not everyone is going to survive. No cell phones. No internet. Their supplies are limited, as is their knowledge of the wilderness. Part of the group wants to wait it out. Other wants to search for help. But ab

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The Sacrament

On the morning of May 5, 1979, a small single-engine plane with four people on board flew out of Estevan, Saskatchewan. That afternoon, on the last leg of its journey to Boise, Idaho, the plane crashed in a blind mountain canyon. There were two survivors - Donna Johnson, a pretty, blonde seventeen-year-old, and her brother-in-law, Brent Dyer.The odds were high against thei

Genre: Adventure

The Skeleton Tree

Less than 48 hours after twelve-year-old Chris casts off on a trip to sail down the Alaskan coast with his uncle, their boat sinks. The only survivors are Chris and a boy named Frank, who hates Chris immediately. Chris and Frank have no radio, no flares, no food. Suddenly, theyve got to find a way to forage, fish and scavenge supplies from the shore. Chris likes the compa

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The Pirate Queen

Imagine being a thirteen-year-old girl dealing with your single father, annoying brother and all the baggage of growing up. You start having nightmares about a dark figure who asks you to visit the past and find her treasure. Suddenly the dream becomes real: you travel through time, battle ancient pirates, face down demons and search for a hidden hoard of riches. Youre Je

Genre: Adventure

The Midas Legacy(Nina Wilde & Eddie Chase 12)

The twelfth in the fantastic Wilde/Chase series sees Nina trying to follow in her late mothers footsteps as she and husband Eddie search for King Midas legacy. Fan Scott Mariani says that McDermotts adventure thrillers are full of action, adventure and mayhem aplenty. if you read Cussler, Mariani or James Rollins youll love this.A return to AtlantisThe lost city has

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Masterminds: Payback(Masterminds 3)

The thrilling finale to the New York Times-bestselling Masterminds series from middle grade star author Gordon Korman. Perfect for fans of Rick Riordan and James Patterson.After a serious betrayal from one of their former friends, the clones of Project Osiris are on the run again. Now separated into pairs, Eli and Tori and Amber and Malik are fighting to survive in the rea

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