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When Jackie Saved Grand Central: The True Story of Jacqueline Kennedys Fight for an American Icon

Before she was an iconic First Lady of the United States, Jackie Kennedy was a born-and-raised New Yorker. She loved everything about her city, from the natural beauty of the parks to the architectural history of the buildings. So when the owners of Grand Central wanted to build a skyscraper on top of the famous train station, Jackie knew they had to be stopped. She helped

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Spot, the Cat

Henry Cole shows us a day in the life of a cat named Spot. Spot sneaks away from home by way of an open window to go on a wordless journey through the city. Follow Spot as he weaves through busy city streets, visits a farmers market, wanders into a park full of kite-flyers, and beyond. But while Spot is out on his adventure, his beloved boy owner is looking for him�seeming

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Many Moons

A wise tale of a little princess who wanted the moon and got it.

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The Piggy in the Puddle

See the piggy,See the puddle,See the muddy little puddle.See the piggy in the middleOf the muddy little puddle.And so begins this rollicking story-in-verse about a determined young pig who absolutely refuses to leave her mud puddle -- much to the dismay of her family!Charlotte Pomerantzs tongue-twisting nonsense verse -- made even more exuberantly hilarious by James Mar

Genre: Childrens

Little Cub(Old Bear and Little Cub 1)

A darling companion to Old Bear and His Cub from the New York Times bestselling creator of the Gossie booksWhats an Old Bear to do when he finds a Little Cub all alone and afraid of the dark? Adopt him, of course! And help him try to get over his fears. In this book we see the father and son from Old Bear and His Cub meet for the first time--and grow to love one another.

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First Tomato(Voyage to the Bunny Planet 1)

Claires bad day at school is helped after a visit to the Bunny Planet, where she has the day that should have been.

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Astro is Down in the Dumps

This fun and entertaining book, Astro is Down in the Dumps, was created to give children the skills they need to build resilience and cope with depression and anxiety.Astro is feeling so sad and blue he can�t get out of bed. Then there�s a knock at the door� who could that be?In each section, one of Astro�s friends drops by and tells him what they do to cheer up when they

Childrens books

Some Pets

The duo that brought you the �bright� and �breezy� (Booklist) Some Bugs is back with a vibrant companion book that�s packed with your favorite pets.Some pets sit.Some pets stay.Some pets fetch,And some pets play.Come one, come all, to the pet show! With dogs and cats, horses and chickens, hamsters and chinchillas�and many, many more!�this book celebrates animal companio

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The Unfriendly Dragon

Disney artist, Seth Weinberg, and epic fantasy author, Brae Wyckoff, bring something special together in this childrens book!An unfriendly dragon? Not everything is as it appears. In this amazing adventure, Bridazak and his friends set off on a journey for justice. On their way, they uncover truth and discover the value of friendship.�A great read-aloud, especially in a

Category: Childrens

The Little Family

Mr. and Mrs. Little and their two children, Sally and Tommy, share in the routine activities of family life in 1932: they get dressed for the day, they eat breakfast, and enjoy their chores and playtime together. Children can recognize their lives and enjoy noting the differences between the Littles time and the present. Full-color illustrations.

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