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Taken by the Billionaire

** This book has been retitled to TAKEN BY THE BILLIONAIRE**He�s her stepbrother, and her every wicked fantasy�Ravished by Her Stepbrother by Christina PhillipsDexter Jericho has it all � wealth, good looks and women falling at his feet. The last thing he wants is his little stepsister working in his London casino � until he meets her again. Because now Gabriella is all g

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The Ultimate Catch

Jolanda is willing to do whatever it takes, even face off against the Bering Sea, to raise the money for a balloon payment on her fathers house. She challenges Keller and wins a bet to get on the recently inherited crab fishing boat, forcing the young captain to buck tradition and superstition. Will his season be doomed or will he end up with the ultimate catch?

Category: Contemporary

Start Over(Start Again Series 2)

I like to play by the rules. But when I get coaxed into crashing a party, I run into the last man I ever thought I�d see again, my one and only one-night stand, Luke Walker. Its been ten years since we�ve seen each other, but our chemistry is just as palpable as it was that night so long ago. Only problem is, I�m leaving in one month for a pediatric fellowship across the

Genre: Contemporary

I dalje Alis

Bestseler Njujork tajmsa�Moje juce nestaje, a moje sutra je neizvesno, pa za sta onda zivim? Zivim za svaki dan. Zivim za sadasnji trenutak. Zaboravicu danasnji dan, ali to ne znaci da danasnji dan nije vazan.�Alis Hauland je srecno udata zena i majka troje odrasle dece. Cenjen je profesor na Harvardu i na vrhuncu profesionalnog uspeha primecuje da njen um polako ali sigur

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Pure and Simple

Contemporary romantic suspense/womens fiction. Ally Turner is shaken by the death of her childhood friend, starlet Willow Scott--and horrified when devilishly charming Tom Proctor starts digging into Willows past for a tell-all bio, threatening to unearth a scandalous secret that must be kept hidden at all costs. Ms. Ryan enthralls readers...with the power of her charac

Genre: Contemporary


A new standalone novel from 1 New York Times bestselling author, Vi Keeland.The night I met Drew Jagger, hed just broken into my new Park Avenue office. I dialed 9-1-1 before proceeding to attack him with my fancy new Krav Maga skills. He quickly restrained me, then chuckled, finding my attempted assault amusing.Of course, my intruder had to be arrogant. Only, turned out

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Cassandra. And they all fall down

When Cassandra was just six years old she attacked a classmate in a frenzy of violence that left him hospitalized for three months, forcing the family to move to Garden City for a fresh start. She was treated for ADD, but now, as her sixteen birthday approaches, Dr. Sommer wants her to come off her meds. She has learned to channel her energy into running and, apart from th

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A story about a troubled girl and her effed up, going-nowhere life.Quick witted, sharp-tongued Righteous Andrews is troubled by a broken past, fed up with her present circumstances, and resolved to a hopeless future.On the first day of her senior year of high school she gets in trouble, landing in the principal�s office . . . again. There she meets Colt Jackson, the new k

Category: Contemporary

Risky Business

Mia Sanford has admired Jake Hudson from afar ever since she transferred to Marketing. She might be comfortable tangling with the company playboy in meeting rooms but not in private. Facts and figures she can handle, but that blue-eyed devil is out of her league.Jake was impressed with Mia, the sexy analyst who provides his monthly Marketing data, the first day he met her

Contemporary books

Samoca primarnih brojeva

Samoca moze biti ostra poput komadica stakla kojima si Mattia reze dlanove, pretvarajuci ih u labirint oziljaka i boli. Moze biti bremenita poput uspomene na nesrecu zbog koje ce Alice cijeli zivot sepati na jednu nogu. Alice i Mattia nikada nece izaci iz sjene svoje marginalnosti. Slicni su, ali njihove slicnosti mogu se samo dotaknuti. Poput primarnih brojeva, djeljivi s

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