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American Goddess at the Rape of Nanking: The Courage of Minnie Vautrin

The Japanese armys brutal four-month occupation of the city of Nanking during the 1937 Sino-Japanese War is known, for good reason, as the rape of Nanking. As they slaughtered an estimated three hundred thousand people, the invading soldiers raped more than twenty thousand women--some estimates run as high as eighty thousand. Hua-ling Hu presents here the amazing untold

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Gogo Mama

Gogo Mama intimately profiles the lives of twelve very different African women. They include a genocide survivor from Rwanda; a pygmy who lives in a grass hut at the base of a volcano in the Congo; Zanzibars most famous living diva; a former child soldier from Liberia; a grandmother fighting AIDS in South Africa; a freed slave from Ghana, who as a child was given to a p

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This novel, by the author of Oscar and Lucinda, tells the story of a man who, recovering from death, is convinced that he is in hell. For the first time in his life, Harry Joy sees the world as it really is, and takes up a notebook to explore and notate the true nature of the Underworld.

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Convict Lives: at the George Town Female Factory(Convict Lives 4)

Convict Lives at the George Town Female Factory is the fourth book in the Convict Lives series to be published by the Convict Womens Press. It was launched on 10 August 2014 at Cascades Female Factory Historic Site by the Honorable Elise Archer MP. The book contains 26 stories from 26 contributors and is edited by Alison Alexander and all members of the Female Convicts Re

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Silent Cats: Deadly Dance

�For women readers, this is a romantic international spy novel; for men, it�s an international spy novel with romance � all wrapped up in a true life suspense thriller written with Dan Brown flare.�First in the SILENT CATS series, JD Wallaces Deadly Dance spins the mind-bending, genre-blurring fictionalized true story based on the life of Kat, the youngest Kidon Katsa Ass

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D. Maria II - Tudo por um Reino

A sua infancia foi vivida no Brasil, dias longos e quentes entre os morros verdes e as praias de areia branca, segura pelo amor da sua adorada mae, Leopoldina da Austria. A ensombrar esta felicidade apenas Domitilia, a amante do Imperador do Brasil e seu pai, D. Pedro IV de Portugal.Em 1828, parte rumo a Viena para ser educada na corte dos avos. Para tras deixa a mae sepul

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Vreme ciudata la Tokio

Tsukiko are 38 de ani, lucreaza intr-un birou, traieste singura si ii place sa frecventeze un bar si sa bea sake. Intr-o zi, intimplarea face sa reintilneasca un fost profesor de liceu, un venerabil dascal de literatura caruia, pentru ca nu-si aduce aminte cum il cheama, ii spune sensei. Acesta este cu treizeci de ani mai in virsta, pensionar si vaduv. Legatura lor �careia

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Admiring Silence

A man escapes from his native Zanzibar to England. His furtive departure makes it unlikely that he will ever return, but he and his family agree a bright future lies ahead. He meets an English woman and they build a life together. She is writing a thesis on narrative theory; he becomes a teacher in a cramped London school. His release is to weave stories, often fictional,

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Proljetne vode

Mladi ruski plemic Sanjin upozna za vrijeme boravka u Mainzu prelijepu Talijanku Gemmu u koju se zaljubi. Ona zivi s majkom udovicom i mladim bratom. Sanjin obecava buducoj punici da ce prodati imanje u Rusiji i tako dobiti novac kojim ce ih uzdrzavati. Na ulici slucajno sretne svog skolskog kolegu koji ga zeli upoznati sa svojom bogatom zenom Marijom, jer bi ona mozad kup

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Translation of Stachtes, published by Kastaniotis Editions, Athens, in 2007.When Sonia Varika is pulled from the fire, her body is burned almost beyond recognition. For her ex-lovers, Police Colonel Chronis Halkidis and Simeon Piertzovanis, the landlord of the gutted property, her fate is a heavy reckoning. Fuelled by their twin addictions to cocaine and alcohol, they are

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