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7th Sea (Seventh Sea) Players Guide 1668(7th Sea RPG)

Swashbuckling and SorceryPiracy and ExplorationEspionage and IntrigueWelcome to the New World7th Sea is a game of action and high adventure in a world of musketeers, pirates, secret societies and political intrigue. Players take the roles of heroes bent on thwarting the plots of knaves and villains, exploring ancient ruins and plundering the treasure fleets of tyrants. Eve

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Infinite Universe (Gamebook Adventures)

In the fourth millennium, the Mandellian Empire of the Tau Ceti system is at war with the rebel army known as DWORF. And lucky you have been chosen for a dangerous solo mission to kill or capture the rebel leader, through mind-bending loops of time and space. But wait a minute. Just who are you anyway? And how did you even get here? Such secrets you must uncover if you are


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