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Boots and Wings(Ugly Stick Saloon 12)

Pilot brothers kidnap a pretty cowgirl hoping to convince her she doesnt have to choose between themJake and Tucker Maddox, are both in love with Molly OBrien and shes in love with them. Only she wont choose between the two of them. Drawing the line in the sand, the brothers tell her they arent willing to share.Molly OBrien has spent most of her young life mooning o

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Blackmail and Anal Rape for the Preachers Wife, Part 1

Amy, the young and innocent wife of the preacher, wakes up to find herself in Hell.A Hell of her own making.Naked, vulnerable, and delivered at the mercy of two teenagers with 11 inch cocks and a bad attitude.Horny teenagers who know exactly what to do with the woman with the centerfold body and the face of an angel.Rough boys who see the preachers wife for nothing more b

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Tailgating at the Cedar Inn

Two construction workers come to the aid of one woman looking for a last taste of freedom...Note: This 6000-word short story was previously published in Penthouse Magazine and Suite Encounters: Hotel Sex Stories, and has been revised and expanded. It may be short in length, but its not short in passion!*~*~*~*~*Under the single flood light that illuminated the parking lot

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Torn from Two(Taken and Torn 2)

Torn from Two people he loves more than life, Nathaniel Slater must navigate the dangers of finding his missing sister alone while being pursued by a psychopath intent on killing him. Rex Renton and Penny Sedgewick are determined to stop at nothing to repair their love, overcoming all obstacles to once again fuse three broken souls into one.In the highly anticipated follo