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The River Bride(Gatineau Hills Mystery Series 3)

Marlee Bremer claims her husband is a sexual deviant. Convicted rapist and murderer, Trey Bremer insists it was only a game. Seven years ago, the familys au pair was found brutally slain in the Bremers abandoned trailer near the river. Tried and convicted for the girls murder, Trey Bremer has always asserted his innocence. The truth of what really happened to Teresa Mus

Category: Mystery

Po laidotuviu(Hercule Poirot 29)

Kora Lanskene visada buvo netaktiska... Ir jos gerai isaukleta seima nutare ignoruoti pastaba, kuria ji istare po savo brolio Ricardo laidotuviu.

Category: Mystery

Murder on the Quai(Aimee Leduc Investigations 16)

The world knows Aimee Leduc, heroine of 15 mysteries in this New York Times bestselling series, as a tres chic, no-nonsense private investigator�the toughest and most relentless in Paris. Now author Cara Black dips back in time to reveal how Aimee first became a detective . . .November 1989: Aimee Leduc is in her first year of college at Paris�s preeminent medical school.

Genre: Mystery

A Charm of Powerful Trouble(The Harry Reese Mysteries 4)

It�s not surprising that a case that begins with a killing in a faux Chinatown and ends in a seance would include a generous helping of farce. But not even Harry Reese�a man well used to a life only loosely tethered to reality�is prepared for what he encounters that autumn in 1902. Before it�s over, he�ll meet cricket ranchers, vaudeville artistes, white slavers, morality

Genre: Mystery

Buried Alive(Mysteries in Our National Parks 12)

This latest thriller takes the Landons to Alaska, where wildlife biologist Olivia and her photographer husband, Steven, have been asked to study the impact of snowmobiles on the wolverine population of Denali National Park. With the family is 13-year-old Nicky Milano. When a man in a Park Service uniform offers to take Jack, Ashley, and Nicky on a dogsled ride, the kids ea

Category: Mystery

The 9th Hour(The Detective Temeke Crime Series 1)

This is an alternate cover edition for B01BCUDOZ4When the ninth young girl falls into the clutches of a serial killer, maverick detective, David Temeke, faces a race against time to save her life.The Duke City Police Department in Albuquerque, New Mexico is no stranger to gruesome murders, but this new serial killer on their block keeps the body parts of his eight young v

Genre: Mystery

Say It with Poison(Mitchell and Markby 1)

Foreign Service Consul Meredith Mitchell returns to England for the wedding of her godchild and is shocked when a bloody ox heart, a dead cat, and some poison threaten to ruin the nuptials. Reprint. PW. K.

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The Big Goodbye(Jimmy Soldier Riley Mysteries 1)

Someone is following Lauren Lewis.She ducks into the office of PI, Jimmy �Soldier� Riley, not to hire him, but to find out if he�s the one following her. Back when they were lovers he told her if he ever decided to, she�d never know he was there.It�s 1940�s Panama City, Florida. The world is at war, and the growing panhandle paradise is doing its part. Tyndall Field is tra

Category: Mystery

The Dark Lake(Oshkosh Trilogy 1)

Something is wrong with Jane.Its not that she still lives with her parents in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, although shes well into her thirties. Its not that she cant keep a job, stay sober, or function as an independent adult. Its something else. Something she cant quite remember.There was a party. And a car. And the lake.

Genre: Mystery

Wild Justice(Nadia Stafford 3)

The long-awaited final installment of the 1 New York Times bestselling author�s Nadia Stafford seriesSince Kelley Armstrong wrapped up book two of the Nadia Stafford series, fans have been eager to know what happens to the tough-as-nails contract killer. At last, Wild Justice brings Nadia back for the series� thrilling conclusion�an action-packed tale that will dazzle fa

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