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Bad Call

NBA star Axel Jones was easy to love by sports reporters and fans. On the court he was quickly rising to become one of the all time greats, and when interviewed he had an adorable awkwardness. An awkwardness everyone knew came from him having witnessed horrific murders as a child and subsequently being raised by the state. It was the type of tragedy to triumph story we all

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True Confessions: Youve Got Mail

What follows is one side of a true email exchange between two lovers. If the emails are this hot, whos to say what happened when they actually met?Note to Readers: This book contains explicit sexual material and is strictly intended only for those over the age of 21.

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Engineered Underground (Metamorphosis Book 1)

There hasn�t been an international armed conflict on Earth in decades. After years of peace, militaries around the globe are shrinking. But there are those who still imagine war on the horizon, and they will do anything to restore the military to its former glory.Wendy Watson is an engineer who has dedicated her life to building a machine that will revolutionize medicine,

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Messy Journey: How Grace & Truth Offer the Prodigal a Way Home

From licensed parent and family educator Lori Wildenberg comes Messy Journey, a grace- and truth-filled roadmap to a healthy relationship with your wayward child. Whether they are rejecting faith, dabbling in sin, or wholeheartedly embracing sinful behavior, there is hope. After all, their struggle isnt really with you--its with God.

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The Great Meld

Peters crashing life is disrupted when a wizard from Wizzio accosts him, bearing an apocalyptic warning. The Great Meld approaches and Earth will not survive. He hands Peter an ancient heirloom which is the only key to Earths survival. Peter must now journey across worlds to stop the Great Meld and prevent the extinction of mankind. But is he ready for what hes about to

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Doctor-Patient Confidentiality Bundle Two (Volumes Four, Five, and Six - The Confidential Series 1)

Two very different people.One scandalous proposition.Endless possibilities...***I breathe out deeply, shuddering on exhale. I can�t believe I�m about to do this�My hand visibly trembles as I try to grip the stupid felt pen, shaking as I bring its pointed tip to the immaculate paper to sign on the line.From the corner of my eye, I catch Dr. Frost staring at me, his own eyes

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Mysteries Suspended: more early cases of Sherlock Holmes

IN THE WORLD of criminal detection Sherlock Holmes has no equal. His cases have been vividly chronicled by his friend, Doctor Watson; making the two of them household names throughout the world. But what of that long period between the first case to be recorded and the second? � a question asked by many scholars. Seven years of crimes and mysteries are, as yet, unaccounted

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The Duke needs a Wife. : The Rogues of Bath

NOTE:This book was previously entitled �The Countess Refuses.�It is based on the same plot and characters but heavily edited, rewritten and shortened, with the inclusion of exciting new scenes.Please be aware that hot scintillating sexy scenes are added. This is an adult novel for those above the age of 18 years.On the untimely demise of her parents, Miss Cassandra Whi

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Michael Ondaatjes The English Patient: A Readers Guide

This is an excellent guide to Michael Ondaatjes best-loved novel. It features a biography of the author, a full-length analysis of the novel, a comparison of the novel to the film, and a great deal more. If youre studying this novel, reading it for your book club, or if you simply want to know more about it, youll find this guide informative and helpful.This is part o

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As Good As Dead: The Daring Escape of American POWs From a Japanese Death Camp

The heroic story of eleven American POWs who defied certain death in World War II�As Good as Dead is an unforgettable account of the Palawan Massacre survivors and their daring escape.In late 1944, the Allies invaded the Japanese-held Philippines, and soon the end of the Pacific War was within reach. But for the last 150 American prisoners of war still held on the island

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