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Hotel du Barry oder das Findelkind in der Suppenschussel

London 1919. Seit im Keller des ehrenwerten Hotel du Barry ein lachendes Baby an der Wascheleine gefunden wurde, besteht kein Zweifel: Hier ist etwas Besonderes im Gange. Prompt beschlie?t die bunte Belegschaft, die Kleine vor dem Waisenhaus zu bewahren - und hatte das Zimmermadchen Mary das Baby nicht ausgerechnet zum Schlafen in eine silberne Suppenschussel gelegt, hatte

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Big Data Analytics with R and Hadoop

In Detail Big data analytics is the process of examining large amounts of data of a variety of types to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, and other useful information. Such information can provide competitive advantages over rival organizations and result in business benefits, such as more effective marketing and increased revenue. New methods of working with

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Knight of Honor

The twenty-first century meets the fourteenth century. Catherine Berrister is a beautiful, happy-go-lucky, in-your-face Hollywood actress. Adrian Blackthorn is Warlord to His Majesty Richard II. No one rivals his massive size. Men tremble at the sight of him, women yearn to tremble in his arms. Their love crosses the boundaries of time.

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A Fallen Christmas

Lee has been left heartbroken after Chaels departure, and is stuck on Purgatory. She fills her days with training and discovering her true powers, but everyone knows shes not feeling any better.Quin decides she needs to celebrate her family and feel the same way for them as they do for her. Shed had that taken from her early on and hasnt had time to really know them.

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Johnson Road: Book One - The Saga Begins

Hiding in plain sight, a predator stalks its prey�When Purvis Johnson fell on hard times, he agreed to sell most of his land to a real-estate developer. Before long, the dirt road that once served as his make-shift driveway became a paved street. Newly constructed houses sprung up on both sides. Families moved in. The quiet neighborhood became the perfect place to raise

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Sufi Prayer and Love

The mystical branch of Islam known as Sufism speaks to truth seekers and their journey to reconnect with the divinity that lives inside everyone. To know God and live in harmony with his teachings is to transcend the human state and shine a bright light in the darkness.Learning to communicate with God is one of the most important foundational tools we can possess-a tool

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The Panchatantra Retold: Part 3 - Kakolukiyam(The Panchatantra Retold 3)

Librarians Note: this is an alternate cover edition for ASIN: B00RPPT0GI.What do you do as a father and a King if your three heirs are indolent and ignorant, and, as a result, the very future of your kingdom is at stake?You turn the three brats over to the intellectual powerhouse Pandit Vishnu Sharma!The Panchatantra Retold is a collection of entertaining and enlightenin

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Sam & The Secrets of the Universe: Book One: Monad

Welcome to Monad, the first circuit planet of Havona. You are here to learn the most powerful secrets of the universe. If you succeed, you will progress through the seven circuit planets, where more secrets await. However far you get will determine your place and purpose in the Universe. Should you fail the lessons of this first planet, you will be Reset with no memories o

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Something Rotten(The Ghosted 2)

A ghost turned private investigator rescues the stranded souls of murder victims to atone for his mortal sins. Mystery, horror, and humor collide in this gripping urban fantasy set in modern-day London.Dead bodies are killing people.Showing up at crime scenes with murder weapons in their hands.Someone has to figure out what�s going on, and that someone is me.I�m Jake Fl

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Between Two Deserts

Coming to Jerusalem to fulfill her grandfathers dying wish, Eve Cavell finds herself poised on the fault line of three worlds - Muslim, Christian, and Jewish. Inspired rather than frightened by the ghosts and warring children that surround her, Eve emerges from mourning to a life larger for its dangers. The lost and alone - an Australian street preacher, a handsome, apath

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