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Twelve Years a Slave

As an educated man, torn from freedom and plunged into slavery, he brings into exact clarity the life and labor of slaves in the antebellum American South, the complex economic choices and ironic moral concessions of slaveholding, and the calamitous effect of slavery on the foundations of civilization. Throughout his horrific imprisonment, Solomon Northup resists the urge

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Zabluda o Bogu

The God Delusion caused a sensation when it was published in 2006. Within weeks it became the most hotly debated topic, with Dawkins himself branded as either saint or sinner for presenting his hard-hitting, impassioned rebuttal of religion of all types. His argument could hardly be more topical. While Europe is becoming increasingly secularized, the rise of religious fund

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Lart de la simplicite: simplifier sa vie, cest lenrichir

Simplifier sa vie, cest lenrichir, contrairement a ce que prone notre societe de consommation. Decouvrez un mode de vie zen, directement issu de lart de vivre japonais, reposant sur le principe du moins pour plus , applique a tous les domaines, du materiel au spirituel. Essayez : epurez votre interieur, videz vos armoires, abandonnez vos achats compulsifs, apprenez a

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Zihin Haritalar?

Haf?zan?z?, yarat?c?l?g?n?z?, konsantrasyonunuzu art?rmak, konusma yeteneginizi, dusunme becerilerinizi gelistirmek ve k?vrak bir zekaya sahip olmak ister misiniz? Zihin Haritalar? dunyada milyonlarca insan?n yasam?n? degistiren, devrimsel nitelikteki not alma ve planlama sistemini sunuyor.Zihin Haritalar? yasam?n?z? kolaylast?r?r:Her seyi kolay hat?rlaman?z?,Parlak fikirl

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Stretch: Unlock the Power of Less - and Achieve More Than You Ever Imagined

We often think the key to success and satisfaction is to get more: more money, time and possessions; bigger budgets, job titles and teams; and additional resources for our professional and personal goals. It turns out we�re wrong.Using captivating stories to illustrate research in psychology and management, Rice University professor Scott Sonenshein examines why some peopl

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Automate This: How Algorithms Came to Rule Our World

The rousing story of the last gasp of human agency and how today�s best and brightest minds are endeavoring to put an end to it.It used to be that to diagnose an illness, interpret legal documents, analyze foreign policy, or write a newspaper article you needed a human being with specific skills�and maybe an advanced degree or two. These days, high-level tasks are increas

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And the Waters Turned to Blood

In this account, Rodney Barker tells the full and terrifying story of a microorganism popping up along the Eastern seaboard - far closer to home than the Ebola virus and equally frightening. In the coastal waters of North Carolina - and now extending as far north as the Chesapeake Bay area - a mysterious and deadly aquatic organism named Pfiesteria piscicida threatens to u

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Learn to Code HTML and CSS: Develop and Style Websites (Voices That Matter)

HTML and CSS can be a little daunting at first but fear not. This book, based on Shay Howes popular workshop covers the basics and breaks down the barrier to entry, showing readers how they can start using HTML and CSS through practical techniques today. Theyll find accompanying code examples online, while they explore topics such as the different structures of HTML and

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No Wall Too High: One Mans Daring Escape from Maos Darkest Prison

An enthralling true-life story about a daring escape from one of Mao Zedong�s prisonsMao Zedong�s labor reform camps were notoriously brutal; modeled after the Soviet gulag, their inmates were subject to backbreaking labor, malnutrition, and vindictive wardens. They were thought to be impossible to escape�but one man did.Xu Hongci, a young medical student, was a loyal memb

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How To Sell Your Books By The Truckload On

If you�re ready to sell more books on Amazon, you must read this one now.UPDATED as of December 3, 2013 with new information!Do you know that Amazon has a secret algorithm, and if you trigger it, they will actually help you sell books?This easy-to-use guide will walk you through step-by-step what you need to do to kick Amazon�s algorithm into high gear.This book is a

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