Genre: Paranormal

Midnight Captive(Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles 2)

CAILIN MAC DOUGAL has lived a dangerous life being the adopted daughter of vampire Broderick �Rick� MacDougal, so she had no choice but to learn to fight in order to protect herself. However, such behavior is hardly desirable in a dutiful wife who�s supposed to embroider and run a household. This aggressive side of her behavior should be easy enough to hide from her betrot

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La Luxure: Discover Your Blood Lust(Human Vampire 1)

Deep in the heart of the French Quarter, where the Bourbon Street revelry is nothing more than a far off whisper, underground blood-bar La Luxure beckons those with darker tastes through its narrow archway...Level headed and practical, Julia Brown isnt normally the type of woman that runs around believing in vampires. But when she travels to New Orleans for a week long wo

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Angelus(The Human Genus 1)

Most anthropologists believe eons ago there were over fourteen species of human. They also believe only one of those species survived beyond the ice age. They are wrong. Three species of human have endured and now live in modern society. Homo angelus have wings. Homo daemonis have horns and a tail. Homo sapiens have no idea the other two exist. Sarah Connellys job is to e

Genre: Paranormal

Forsaken(The Fallen 4)

Half angel and half human, Aaron holds the weight of the world in his hands in the fourth book of the New York Times bestselling The Fallen series.The war between Heaven and Hell rages on. The devil has possessed Lucifer�s body and is intent on unleashing unfathomable chaos in the world. But no matter the cost, Aaron and the other Nephilim are determined to protect humanit

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Tastes of Love and Evil(Bayou Gavotte 1)

The Road to Bayou GavotteRose Fairburn is on the run. Her vampire nature can�t protect her from everything, especially not herself. Now, when she should be worried about escaping her past, she can only think about one thing. Her kind can�t live without blood or sex. Love they must forego.Jack Tallis can slake her thirst. Tall. Handsome. Trustworthy. And not a man alive can

Genre: Paranormal

Dragon Star: A Powyrworld Urban Fantasy Shifter Romance (The Lost Dragon Princes Book 1)

Limited time New Release sale! .99. Reg. price 3.99.A beautiful dragon general. A vampyr rockstar with a double life. The traitor who reveals a decades-long secret hidden by the Dragon Court�Mateo uses his celebrity rockstar status to hide his secret life as a contract spy and killer. His latest assignment sends him to the heart of Patomas, the island of the dragon shif

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Blood on the Moon(Blood on the Moon 1)

As Faith Reynolds enters her freshman year of college, she is a complete and utter nervous wreck.� With her best friend Derek suddenly pulling out the romance card and her dark, mysterious classmate staring her down at every turn, Faith somehow feels stuck in the middle without dating either one.� And fortune may or may not be with her when a devilshly sexy stranger offers

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Dont Bite the Bridesmaid(Sons of Kane 1)

Alice Shepard needs one thing: a date for her sisters wedding. And not just any date. A hunk who will make her fiance rue the day he left her for her best friend. Her drop-dead gorgeous neighbor fits the bill�even if he is a bit quirky and never comes out during the day�and Alice has downed just enough appletinis to ask him. But she makes it quite clear that there will be

Category: Paranormal

Hot Vampire Kiss(Vampire Wardens 1)

This is the first book in a hot, erotic vampire series.Explicit -- hot!In blood they will find destiny and the eternal bond of passion�About the series:The Wardens series begins with the three Brooks brothers, Evan (34), Aiden (32) and Taylor (28). They were early settlers of the town of Braunfels, Texas. When the town was haunted by a series of brutal animal attacks, that

Genre: Paranormal


Can true love last forever?Gabriela Swanson wanted one thing, to be a well known writer at Graven, the most prestigious Goth magazine in the country. When an inside source gives her the opportunity of a lifetime, she finds herself in a hostage situation with a man who claims to be her soul mate.Kane Barringer is a vampire whos lived for centuries. Every century is spent

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