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Anomaly Series Box Set(The Anomaly 1-4)

Step into the action-filled, suspenseful world of the anomalies, where some humans are gifted with extraordinary psychic powers. Time Thieves, Mind Raiders and Soul Stealers are in a battle of survival against the crime lords and secret government agencies hunting them for their abilities.Welcome to a world where these anomalies risk everything to survive...and risk it all

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Peter in Flight

Peter can tell you how to run a great marketing campaign. He can tell you everything there is to know about successful trade show programs. He can tell you stories about the thousands of people he has met, miles he has flown, hotel rooms he has stayed in, and ways to work the system to your advantage when you travel. But he cant tell the woman he loves how he feels. Think

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Temptations Tender Kiss(Grayson Twins 1)

It was a daring scheme, but by pretending to be his Tory twin brother, patriot spy Sterling Thayer hoped to infiltrate the Kings army in Philadelphia. But even more dangerous was the burning desire he felt for auburn-haired rebel Reagan Llewellyn.

Genre: Romance

Lycan King(Lycan Legend 2)

Lycans and vampires do not mate. When Eve, a beautiful vampire, journeys to King Dragos castle, she doesnt expect the contempt and dislike the king shows her. He wants her off his royal grounds because he doesnt want to place his people in harms way with her vile thirst. Vampires are evil, he says, ruled by the devil, feeding off innocents to survive. Eve doesnt care

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Moon Kissed(LaRue 1)

New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant ventures into New Orleans with her Chiasson spinoff, the first book in her scorching LaRue series complete with sizzling romance and the enchantment of the paranormal.BROUGHT TOGETHER BY CHANCEFor years, Addison Moore worked herself ragged to achieve her goals. Close to earning her degree, the contents of a shocking letter rip

Genre: Romance

The Perfect Lady Worthe

The last thing Jane Cavanaugh would ever expect is to be married�she is an invalid, after all�but that doesn�t mean she can�t help with her sister�s husband hunt! (Even if it is with a wee bit of reluctance.)The last thing Gareth, Lord Worthe would ever want to do is to fall in love with his closest friend�s younger sister.But fate just might have something else in store

Genre: Romance

Laceys Way

When Lacey Montanas father is sentenced to 20 years in an Arizona penitentiary, she has no choice but to follow the prison wagon. When Indians attack the wagon, they kidnap her father and leave only one prisoner alive, a man who swears his innocence. Matt Drago agrees to help Lacey find her father and longs to possess her, body and soul. But hell have to do it Laceys wa

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Finding Allie(Breaking Away 1)

Chase Halloways father is the president of Atlas, the drug dealing motorcycle gang that terrorizes most of our desert town.My stepfather turns out to be a rival drug dealer, and Im pretty sure he killed my mom two years ago.Im not supposed to fall in love with Chase. Hes not supposed to know I even exist.But when he finds me, he cant let go.And when I find myself

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Taming the Wolf(The de Burghs 1)

Champion of Her HeartThough Marion Warennes past was but a dim nightmare, her present held a vision of glory - the formidable Dunstan de Burgh. A fierce knight who was determined to win their battle of wills, all the while protesting mightily that he did not believe in love.Dunstan de Burgh, Baron of Wessex, had ofttimes heard himself likened to a wolf on the prowl: fierc

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The Tender Texan

Anna Meyer offers one hundred dollars to the Texas cattleman who can help her forge a frontier homestead. Chance Wyatt agrees to settle down and build a home with a lovely stranger. The boy in him never considered the possibility of love. But the man in him cant deny the passion that Anna brings out in him. They vowed to live together for only a year, but as the challenge

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