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Honor Among Thieves(The Honorables 1)

Grave robbing ain�t no job for a lady�To pay off her recently deceased brother�s debts, however, Lorna Robbins must take drastic measures. When she happens upon a resurrectionist gang stealing his corpse, she does the unthinkable and joins the criminal outfit to save her family estate and her younger sibling. For the first time in her lonely, duty-driven life, Lorna finds

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Skandal na dvoru(With This Ring 3)

Gospodici Emmi Grenville vec su navrh glave plemenita gospoda koja zive u uvjerenju da su zene na ovaj svijet poslane samo da bi zadovoljile njihove zelje i potrebe. A njezin novi najmodavac, lord Wycliffe, samo je gorka visnja na vrhu te samodopadne, neukusne torte! U zelji da pomogne svome ujaku sacuvati vlasnistvo nad posjedima, taj drski ali istovremeno i neodoljivo pr

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If Love Were Enough(Order of the Crimson Lotus 1)

Priscilla Brunell, Marchioness of Rutherford, is in desperate need of a son and heir. Her seventy-year-old husband of ten years has died leaving her a virgin and the protectress of his estates. If she can�t produce a son in the next nine months, the current heir, Damon, will succeed in ruining the family fortunes in a matter of a few years due to his gaming and womanizing.

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The Practice Boyfriend

Merlin AUMerlin�s been in love with Lance for years, but he hasn�t had much experience dating and he wants to figure out the ins and outs of dating before Lance comes back into his life. Cue Arthur and his man-whoring ways, ready and willing to show Merlin the ropes.Words: 24,495 complete

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The Experts Guide to Driving a Man Wild(Bluebonnet 3)

Being out of control�The product of a rigid upbringing, Brenna has grown into a sexy free spirit who does things her way. No possessions, no debt, no man, and no rules to tie her down. And if she has to work, what better way than as assistant in a wilderness expedition team? So many opportunities to go wild.�can be risky when you�re falling in love.One person who doesn�t �

Genre: Romance

Bite at First Sight(Scandals with Bite 3)

Her interest is purely scientificCassandra Burton wants to study medicine, surgery, healing, and everything related to the human body and its mysteries-and shes willing to rob graves to do it! But a lady can meet dark and dangerous characters lurking around the cemetery. And who could be more fascinating than Rafael Villar, Lord Vampire of London? If she couldstudy his

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A Groom of Ones Own(The Writing Girls 1)

A wonderfully fresh and vibrant new voice in historical romance, Maya Rodale is warmly welcomed into the Avon family with A Groom of One�s Own, the first book in her delightful Writing Girls series. A delectable tale of an intrepid lady journalist in Regency England who discovers the handsome the duke of her dreams�when she�s assigned to cover his upcoming wedding!� Eloisa

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What Happened at Midnight

When John Mason discovers that his fiancees father has embezzled thousands of pounds from their mutual business, hes furious. When his betrothed, Miss Mary Chartley, flees, taking the money and all the evidence with her, hes outraged. He plans to bring the woman he once loved to account--and he�ll shed no tears when he does.But when he finds Mary, shes not living a lif

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Heartsridge Shifters: Austin(South-One Bears 1)

Its a new world. Shifters are no longer a secret and theyre ready to fight for their right to live free.Everything is different.Six years ago, the Registration Act forced shifters out into the open and the world changed. Towns were created to provide a safe haven for those shifters who chose to follow the law, and those who didnt were declared rogue.Heartsridge is one o

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Um Sonho de Amor(Dream Trilogy 1)

Margo, Laura e Kate nao sao irmas biologicas, mas cresceram juntas na luxuosa Casa Templeton, e apesar de ter chegado o momento de cada uma seguir o seu rumo e realizar os seus sonhos, a casa da infancia e sempre o porto de abrigo das tres, e os lacos que as unem sao inquebraveis.Margo e uma mulher deslumbrante, carismatica e bem-sucedida. Contudo, nada do que alcanca na s

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