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The Dream Jumpers Christmas(Dream Jumper 4)

Christmas in snowy Carnation, Washington seems like the idyllic get away until Jamey Dunn has a prophetic dream of his fathers house burning to the ground on Christmas Eve. When Jamey and Tina rush to Washington state earlier than planned, they use dreams and intuition to investigate a series of strange happenings at Pops house. The new neighbors appear to be hiding some

Books in Science Fiction Fantasy

Journal of the Undead: Littleville Uprising

The residents of Littleville, Pennsylvania are about to meet their new neighbors�New to Littleville, the Wexley twins, Matt and Emma assume fitting in at Lincoln High and making new friends will be their biggest worries. They couldn�t be more wrong. Fate would introduce Evan Stone into the neighborhood and all three attempt to navigate the murky labyrinth of eleventh grad

Books in Science Fiction Fantasy

There Comes a Time

Return to classic scifi with these shorts about time travel, future Earth, interplanetary exploration, Mars colonies, strange new subterranean life forms and other futuristic, weird and horrific tales. Previously published in Lamplight, Perihelion and Thrills and Mystery Podcast, stories include:There Comes a TimeCorporal Elliot, the first Future Soldier, has only one mi

Category: Science Fiction Fantasy

On a Black Horse: an Apocalyptic Paranormal Romance(Revelations 3)

When a Sun God makes a prophecy, it�s best to heed the warning.Katherine stands on the edge of ruin. With Ragnarok in full swing and her friends off finding their own lives she can�t find a purpose in her existence. When Baldir, their missing Sun God, kidnaps Katherine and entreats her to care for his friend, a wounded hellhound, Katherine makes a selfish choice for the f

Genre: Science Fiction Fantasy

Zerca(Kwiat paproci 3)

Solidna dawka humoru, slowianskich wierzen i babskiej przyjazni! Kolejny � i nie ostatni � tom bestsellerowego cyklu Kwiat paproci.Gosi udalo sie przezyc Noc Kupaly, ale klopoty sie nie skonczyly. Mloda szeptucha zaciagnela u Swarozyca dlug, ktorego splata z pewnoscia nie bedzie przyjemna. W dodatku Mieszko przepadl bez sladu, a w wiosce pojawil sie nowy, mlody zerca, kt


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