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Steamside Chronicles

Emily Fenwick, formerly with the NYPD, is now the reluctant defender of 1890 New York. Unfortunately for Emily, who hates the creepy stuff, she ignored her inner voice, went to a carnival in Central Park, and entered a Victorian tent in hopes a psychic would have some encouraging news about her woefully boring love life. The guarantee she received of meeting a tall, dark

Books in Science Fiction

Project Alpha(Voyagers 1)

1 New York Times bestseller D. J. MacHale launches this part sci-fi, all action adventure, multiplatform series.Earth is about to go dark. Without a new power source, life as we know it will be toast. A global competition is under way to determine which four kids will join the secret mission that might just save us all. Project Alpha is a contest of physical challenges,

Category: Science Fiction

Prime Obsession(The Prime Chronicles 1)

Melina Dmitros is a seasoned battleship captain for the Galactic Alliance. Calls from ships in distress are not all that uncommon in the outermost spirals of the Milky Way. Calls from the warlike Prime were. Now that they were allies, Mel figures she�d better get used to working in conjunction with the chauvinistic race. She never expected to be attracted to one of them.Th

Category: Science Fiction

Loved by Alien Prince(Uoria Mates 6)

A Sci-fi Alien Warrior Invasion Abduction Romance SerialLeia is used to spending her life hiding the pain and torment she faces, but now that she has found her mate, Gyyx has proven to her that she can feel safe and loved. It has been a few weeks since she escaped the clutches of the Klimnu and the warriors burned the prison to the ground. Now she feels it is time that the

Genre: Science Fiction

Defiant Surrender

Unlucky in love, Maddie St. Clair hides behind an antique store and her mudlarking hobby. That is until she finds a medieval ring that throws her back to 1102 Cumberland and into the life of Lady Madeline Vincent, heiress to Norman lands and about to be married to an autocratic Baron, William Dowell, nine hundred years her senior.Lord William Dowell protects his own. Usual

Science Fiction books

Azimuth(The Interscission Project 2)

Edward has one chance to save a man he forgot he ever loved.All he has to do is destroy the world.The disastrous events of the Zenith mission behind them, Marty and Edward lead very different lives at either end of time.Martin has been tapped to lead an elite military operation designed to curtail and ultimately eliminate the threat of time travelers. But Henry Bradford

Genre: Science Fiction

A Savage War Of Peace(Ark Royal 5)

On her maiden voyage, HMS Warspite discovered Vesy, a world populated by primitive aliens, aliens whose culture had already been twisted and warped by human refugees from the First Interstellar War. Now, Captain John Naiser and his crew spearhead a diplomat mission to the alien homeworld, hoping to ease them into the galactic mainstream.But with hundreds of others hoping

Category: Science Fiction

Miracle of Love

Fearing for the life of her prematurely born son, turn-of-the-century Texas woman Erina OShea is unable to believe her fortune when the baby and she are transported one hundred years into the future and into the life of Grant Kirby. Original.

Genre: Science Fiction

Zero Gravity Outcasts

Minka Shokat only needs two things in life: her fourth-generation Wayfarer spaceship, and two best friends and crewmates by her side. Anjali and Tex were the only people to stand by her after she was falsely branded a traitor and kicked out of Central Command five years ago.Since then, Minka has kept as far from Command as the galaxy will allow. Working with her friends on

Category: Science Fiction

L?il du Temps(A Time Odyssey 1)

En un instant, une force inconnue a morcele la Terre en une mosaique depoques, de la prehistoire a lan 2037. Un gigantesque puzzle qui resume levolution de lespece humaine.Depuis, des spheres argentees planent sur toute la planete, invulnerables et silencieuses. Ces objets mysterieux, issus dune technologie prodigieuse, son-t-ils a lorigine de ces bouleversements ? L

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