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Nathan Hales Hazardous Tales: Treaties, Trenches, Mud, and Blood(Nathan Hales Hazardous Tales 4)

World War I set the tone for the 20th century and introduced a new type of warfare: global, mechanical, and brutal. Nathan Hale has gathered some of the most fascinating true-life tales from the war and given them his inimitable Hazardous Tales twist. Easy to understand, funny, informative, and lively, this series is the best way to be introduced to some of the most well-k

Books in Sequential Art

The Vampire Diaries Vol. 1(The Vampire Diaries 2013 (Printed Edition) 1-39)

Elena, Stefan and Damon make their comics debut in a new series based on the hit CW television show! This anthology graphic novel will bring some of comics greatest talents to Mystic Falls and set them loose to bring the characters to life. Or death. They are vampires, you know.THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is a must-read for any fan of this runaway hit TV series. Collects digital

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Wonder Woman, Vol. 6: Bones(Wonder Woman, Volume IV 6)

The gods have a new king. The Amazons have a new queen. But only one ruler can rule.The monstrous deity known only as the First Born has seized the throne of Olympus, remaking its celestial splendor into a nightmare of carnage and cruelty. He will not rest until every god in the pantheon - every being in the world - is crushed at his command.And the warrior princess called

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The Ultimates, Volume 1: Super-Human(The Ultimates 1)

A teenager is climbing walls in Manhattan. Mutants are attacking the White House. Nick Fury, head of the elite espionage agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., knows the only way to combat these strange new threats is with a team of hisown superhumans. Backed by a billion-dollar budget, Fury recruits Giant Man, the Wasp, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. And while the team is str

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Letter 44 Vol. 1: Escape Velocity(Letter 44 1)

On Inauguration Day, newly elected President Stephen Blades hoped to tackle the most critical issues facing the nation: war, the economy, and a failing health care system. But in a letter penned by the outgoing President, Blades learns the truth that redefines critical: seven years ago, NASA discovered alien presence in the asteroid belt, and kept it a secret from the wo

Genre: Sequential Art

Bart Simpson: Big Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson(The Books of Bart Simpson)

Be among the best and the brightest with Bart Simpsons brilliant new comic collection. See Bart thumb his nose at social convention, defy authority, and outwit his classmates as he makes a little pocket change while he works for the Comic Book Guy, tries to save his beloved treehouse from demolition, and attempts to recover the grand prize-winning Krusty Burger game piec

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The Story of Saiunkoku 01(The Story of Saiunkoku 1)

Shuurei Kou adalah seorang gadis yang besar di Klan Kou, salah satu klan ternama di Saiunkoku. Walaupun kedudukannya adalah putri Klan Kou, keuangan keluarganya jarang sekali beranjak dari bawah garis minus. Akibatnya, hari-hari Shuurei diisi dengan melakukan berbagai pekerjaan.Suatu hari, datanglah tawaran pekerjaan sebagai tutor pembimbing´┐Żkaisar muda nan payah´┐Ż, dengan

Genre: Sequential Art

Fantastic Four: Omnibus, Volume 1(Fantastic Four: Omnibus Edition 1)

They were visionaries. Explorers. Imaginauts. They were Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. And like their creations - the Fantastic Four - they continually strove to overcome the impossible and achieve the extraordinary. Now, the first three years of their landmark run on Fantastic Four are collected in one oversized volume.Collecting: Fantastic Four 1-30, Annual 1

Genre: Sequential Art

Aishiteruze Baby, Volume 07(Aishiteruze Baby 7)

Kippei Katakura is a 17-year-old playboy. When his 5-year-old cousin Yuzuyu comes to live with his family after her mother disappears, he is suddenly in charge of taking care of her. Kippeis main occupation changes from tending to his high-school girlfriends to picking Yuzuyu up from kindergarten and making her lunch. Soon the two are getting along like peas in a pod, but

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Solomon Kane: The Castle of the Devil(Solomon Kane)

Graphic Novel. Robert E. Howards vengeance-obsessed puritan hero begins his supernatural adventures in the haunted Black Forest of Germany in this adaptation of Howards The Castle of the Devil.

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