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The Black-Eyed Susan(On Dark Shores 0.3)

A short story from the world of the On Dark Shores fantasy series.Ten years before the action in that novel, a ships captain goes to Scarlock to see the moneylender Copeland, pleading for more time to pay off his debt.1.5k words

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Racconti di vita parigina

Le novelle sono quelle che meglio caratterizzano Maupassant, meglio ne rappresentano loriginalita. Il fatto che siano brevi, brevissime in certi casi, non impedisce che formino una collezione di capolavori. (Henry James)

Short Stories books

Reverting to a Wild State

Free online fiction from the New Yorker.Short story, told in reverse chronological order, about the breakup of a relationship�

Genre: Short Stories

As Good as New

Original fiction from the publishers site.From the author of the Hugo-winning �Six Months, Three Days,� a new wrinkle on the old story of three wishes, set after the end of the world.This short story was acquired and edited for by senior editor Patrick Nielsen Hayden.

Books in Short Stories

All Together Now

From the internationally bestselling author of Those Faraday Girls comes All Together Now, a collection of Monica McInerneys short fiction gathered for the first time. Including several of her earliest magazine short stories, contributions to recent anthologies, her warm and witty novella Odd One Out, and two new stories, this is a book to inspire and delight fans of all

Short Stories books

Freemans: Family(Freemans 2)

Freemans: Family is the second literary anthology in the series reviewers are calling �bold� (Minneapolis Star-Tribune) and �refreshing� (Chicago Literati). Following a debut issue on the theme of �Arrival,� Freeman circles a new topic whose definition is constantly challenged by the best of our writers: family.The issue opens with Aminatta Forna musing on the legacy of s

Books in Short Stories


A passionate chance encounter between two strangers at an art show turns into more than they bargained for.Lucian offers Kennedy one night of pleasure with no strings attached, but she soon discovers one night isn�t enough to satiate her desires for him.

Genre: Short Stories

Barefoot Dogs: Stories

An unforgettable debut of linked stories that follow the members and retinue of a wealthy Mexican family forced into exile after the patriarch is kidnapped.On an unremarkable night, Jose Victoriano Arteaga�the head of a thriving Mexico City family�vanishes on his way home from work. The Arteagas find few answers; the full truth of what happened to Arteaga is lost to the sh

Genre: Short Stories

Elementals: Stories of Fire and Ice

From the booker Prize-winning author of Possession comes this richly imaginitive story collection that transports the reader to a world where opposites--passion and loneliness, betrayal and loyalty, fire and ice--clash and converge.A beautiful ice maiden risks her life when she falls in love with a desert prince, whose passionate touches scorch her delicate skin. A woman f

Books in Short Stories

The Oil Jar and Other Stories(Novelle per un anno 11)

While best known for his plays, Pirandello also distinguished himself as a writer of short stories. This collection includes the celebrated title tales plus Little Hut, Mrs. Frola and Mr. Ponza, Her Son-in-Law, Citrons from Sicily, With Other Eyes, A Voice, and five others by the winner of the 1934 Nobel Prize for literature.

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