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Noma Girl(Plus One .5)

Because of a quirk of history during the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918, present-day America is rigidly divided between people who live and work during the hours of darkness�Smudges�and those known as Rays, who populate the day. A group of Smudges called the Noma live on the fringes of society in loose tribes, preying on Smudges and Rays alike. Gigi is a ruthless Noma, but i

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Long, Last, Happy: New and Collected Stories

Long, Last, Happy combines the best of the four story collections Barry Hannah published during his lifetime, four new stories from the final manuscripts he left behind, and one early-career story never published in volume form. Here, a mana��s estranged wife buzzes his house in her airplane, and a tailgate party can turn suddenly Biblical. The Confederate corporal in lov

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Long and Short Australian Stories

This is an easy to read collection of Short Stories set in modern Australia. Many of the stories have romantic themes; a few concentrate on human interest.Unlike the authors previous collections of Short Stories, this volume starts and ends with unrelated, relatively long tales, spanning the years. Some stories, such as To Break The Mould, have quite deep and penetrati

Short Stories books

More Than Friends

Alyssas day couldnt have been worse, that is until her best friend gave her a time she would never forget. Her hot fantasy was about to become a reality!This short story consists of about 1,700 words.Content warning: Contains explicit sexual activity. For ADULTS ONLY!

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A Few Days in the Country: And Other Stories

Internationally acclaimed for her five brilliant novels, Elizabeth Harrower also wrote a number of extraordinary short stories. Some have been previously published, but others are released here for the first time.A Few Days in the Country is a stellar collection, which underlines Harrowers standing as one of the great post-war Australian writers.Elizabeth Harrower is the

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Origins(Special Agent: Mauve 1)

An anonymous hacker group called The Arm has hacked the databases of almost all the secret agencies in the world and released the real names of every agent and people being actively recruited. All the agents have gone into hiding, as well as the recruits. Our heroine works a dead in job at the lowest totem in the insurance world. She used to watch James Bond movies with

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Scream Along With Me: Alfred Hitchcock Presents

HITCHCOCKS A NEW BREAKER BUDDY.Hitchcock has a brand new CB radio, built to his own special specifications. With it he can communicate with all his very best fiends where they may be hiding. Of course, on the wavelength he uses, the ca;; names of his CB soul mates tend to be a bit bizarre: Theres Mad Dog, Bloody Mary, Jack The Ripper, Strychnine Suzie - to name b

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Delivering Yaehala

Exiled from her people, Alila lives alone in a canyon harvesting Frankincense resin with her twin unicorns for company. When a pregnant princess on the run from assassins disrupts her quiet world, Alila decides to help her reach the coast. Hounded by assassins and torn apart by distrust, Alilas choice threatens to reveal her dark past and her terrible secret. But only if

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The Aqua Secret(The Aqua Saga 1)

The year is 2042 and the world has been consumed by water.Those who survived the great floods of 2012 clung to the debris of the Old World from which they rebuilt their lives.Pym Maddox thought life was good living on the floating city called Aqua. Harboring secret feelings for her best friend, the smoldering Rush Rodgers, was the least of her problems. Rush is the son of

Short Stories books

Dancing Dogs: Stories

No one brings to life the remarkable bond between humans and their dogs like New York Times bestselling author Jon Katz. He has warmed our spirits with enchanting tales and keen observations of his animal menagerie�the dogs, sheep, chickens, and other residents of Bedlam Farm. Now, Katz is back with what he does best in his first collection of short stories, Dancing Dogs.W

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