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Christmas Spirit(Cutters Creek 12)

A handsome cowboy. A sweet young woman. A stranger from New York.Felicity Lipscomb has loved Josh Garrett almost as long as she can remember. She thinks he�s nothing short of amazing. She doesn�t have the confidence to let him know, so she longs for him quietly, hoping one day he�ll notice her.When she overhears a conversation just before Christmas, Felicity gets an idea

Genre: Westerns

Home on the Range(Caribou Crossing 2)

In this exciting new series, author Susan Fox welcomes you to Caribou Crossing, a small western town made for love and adventure�For Evan Kincaid, the best thing about his dusty hometown was watching it fade into the distance. Jessica Bly was the only one who didn�t treat him like an outsider, and their friendship ended with one mind-blowing night of young passion. Now the

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Apache Country

When the part-time cavalry scout Murphy agrees to ride out and warn the Arizona settlers that Apaches have jumped their reservation, he isnt expecting any trouble.The worst that might happen is the Indians come after his scalp.But when he runs into the beautiful Rosemary, he finds himself pitted against ruthless enemies of every kind.Kidnappers, comancheros, and renegad

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The Gunfighter

Asininity is just your typical peaceful town in the Wild West � but it�s Marshal Barjack�s town, and around him, nothing stays peaceful for long.One day brings the meanest gunfighter in the West � nicknamed the Widowmaker � into town, and though he says he wants to live a quiet life, the whole town�s on the edge of their seat.Who has he come to kill this time?At every

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